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Side Navigation Bar

This colourful simple navigation bar is in place to make your experience on the Nuclear Training Network more feasible and easily operated. This navigation bar consists of 10 options:

Settings – Here you are able to change any of your personal account settings such as your Password, Email address, Name, Company, etc. This is also where you would go if you wanted to delete your account.

Add Courses – This is where you can browse and purchase any of the courses that are on the Nuclear Training Network both free and chargeable. You will be able to see a full description of each course once clicked on, along with the option to enrol.

Certificate – This is how you access your certificates that you have gained from the courses you have completed. You will need your certificates to show that you have passed each course. It will tell you the name of the course, the date of completion and then a link to your certificate.

Dashboard – This is a link that directs you straight to the dashboard. This is the first page you will see when you log in.

Notification – This takes you to all your notifications and requests. Other users/employees can invite you to join a specific group. Or you might need to send a request to join a group.

Help Guide – Here is your help guide just in case you are running into any problems. There is also a support help desk link at the top on the page for further assistance.

Purchased Voucher – This is where you can access the voucher codes that you have purchased or have been given. It will tell you which ones you have already used and which you haven't.